3C's "Shunya"- A Net Zero Energy Home

- Monday, November 28, 2011 6:18:59 PM

The 3C Company has divulged `Shunya' which is India's first working model of a Net Zero Energy Home.

A Net-Zero Energy Home is that which works on the principle of utilizing maximum renewable energy, and is independent of any electricity grid, and preserves the energy that it consumes.

`Shunya' is showcased at sector 107, Noida. The model home is the first-of-its-kind energy-efficient residential structure that is enriched with green architectural excellence, the fruitful venture by 3C, which is dedicated to addressing global issues of climate change, shrinking supplies of fossil fuels and other natural resources.

The 24 solar panels generating 3KWH energy is sufficient to run the house on its own making it energy self-sufficient.

The house consumes 80-90% lesser energy to run as compared to a conventional house, the model home project promises to cut water use by 40%.

With Shunya, The 3C Company, the only real estate developer in the whole Asia Pacific region which has Three Platinum and Four Gold rated LEED certified Green Buildings to its credit, marks the grand appearance of Noida in Green architectural excellence.

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