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We pride ourselves in pioneering the concept of integrated townships in India. Our efforts serve to create self sufficient communities out of pockets of land and provide our customers the highest lifestyle standards. They depend on us for our expertise, foresight, skill, and attention to detail. In our projects, your school, office, garden, shops and restaurants will all be just a pleasant walk away. Our commitment to employing environmentally friendly processes and ensuring that our communities are lush and verdant will give you the chance to enjoy a breath of a fresh air right at home.. Our activities branch out to real estate development, construction, facility management, infrastructure development, hospitals, schools, retail, hospitality and entertainment. Our team is real estate development team is 1,300 strong, including 900 engineers and technical staff. We also employ over 1,000 personnel in our hospitals, retail outlets, hotels, schools and entertainment complexes. Enjoy peace of mind amidst stunning architecture and vibrant greenery in your home, with Hiranandani Constructions.


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